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Films with Intention

I see art as a medium for the soul to commune with the world, a universal language of sound and image. It is the ongoing work of an ethical filmmaker to consistently strive to dismantle and deconstruct the oppressive systems that historically gate-keep this medium.


When working with artists on music videos I like to set strong intentions around the visual stories we enact for their songs. I believe it is an amazingly potent opportunity to work with each artist and craft a transformative experience to bring their work to life in a personal way. A music video is not only a time capsule and preservation of the period of an artist’s life and career, but it is also a statement. I like to get very close to the heart of the statement we are trying to make as a collaboration, and use the imagery invoked to tell a story that aligns with that intention.

Music Video

Terra Nobody- Smooth Velocity, 16mm Color Film

Larsen Gardens - Clouds

Octavia McAloon - Linger


Eden Page- Swords

Halley Greg- No Room For Me

Cooper Stoulil- Professional Racecar Driver

Lex Dye- Halls (ONER SERIES)

Dead Yeti- What to Do

Waterbody- Salt

Rowan Katz- The Gutter

I.You.She - Dear Life


Irene Bowen- About the Terrible Dream

Creative Work

Farma Katara, A Short Ritual Film 

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These Whispers, A Short Art Film

Yellow Lights, A Short Dance Film

Live Sessions

Anna Gordon live at Bard Rock Studio

Rowan Rain live 

Johanna Warren live at Bard Rock Studio

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